Time in community

Main Shrine at Samye Ling monastery

Main Shrine at Samye Ling monastery

In our new year newsletter, we wished you sustenance to match the intensity of the challenges you face. We hoped that the support of loved ones and the solidarity of a wider community would be part of that sustenance.

Now we are able to offer you an opportunity to spend some time in community with us, discovering the support and resources available to you; an opportunity to take a stand by the act of facing your own complexities.

We still have a few places available on our annual retreat led by Wendy Palmer, founder of Leadership Embodiment.

We will be able to investigate our selves, our attitudes, and our reactive habits during this special event.

We will have space to recover, refresh and renew ourselves before returning to 2016. Join us!
As there appear to be increasing polarities emerging in politics, business, and society, so the questions that are being asked of us by these events are often not easy. They arise out of complex causes, and every answer leads to complex effects.

But perhaps complexity is not really the source of our discomfort? Perhaps our discomfort arises because these events probe deeply and sharply into the nature of our own humanity, individually and collectively? What are its non-negotiables? What are its limits? What are the true sources of our strength and aliveness?

Come, explore your non-negotiables and your sources with us during this special event. Learn what really motivates you and what can support you through the rest of the year.

Find out more at the Retreat booking page.