The sap is rising

Samye Ling monastery in Eskdalemuir

Samye Ling monastery in Eskdalemuir

I love Spring – the peace of winter shattered daily by dozens of small birds piping their concerto. There is still snow up on the hills beyond our garden, and the river is running full with meltwater. The farmer has moved his pregnant ewes into the field bordering our rickety fence, providing both distraction and temptation for our pup.

It’s often been the time of year when I am most inspired and yet least effective – all what-ifs and no make-it-happens. I find sitting at my desk more and more challenging. I fall in love with the earth again – lying on the paving slabs outside the back door as they start to retain the sun’s warmth more than the chill in the air cools me. I wander around looking at the fresh growth, buds and blossoms.

I’m writing about it as if I am a glad observer of the world, but that world is me too, if I pause to look carefully enough. My sap is surely rising, my limbs are reaching upwards and outwards, my face turns to follow the sun. If Spring is a time of renewal, I am renewed.

Knowing that there is a time of betterment and renewal can support us through the gloaming of Autumn and Winter. If you too find it easier to enjoy the world in Spring, now is the ideal time to define and practice your best structure – after all, the cacophony and exuberance around us is contagious. Let it grow. Naturally. And work it as a muscle, so you can rely on it in other periods of the cycle.

To that end, join us in late May at our annual Leadership Embodiment retreat in Scotland’s Samye Ling monastery. Whilst it offers its own cycle within the four days, it taps into much more fundamental cycles of truth and growth that carry us for far longer.