The Embodied Teacher

Teaching finds an honoured home here at the Centre for Embodied Wisdom for obvious reasons.

Firstly, teaching is essentially an embodied art. Remembering that over 70% of communication is non-verbal, whatever admirable qualities or good intentions we wish to bring to our teaching, if we can’t ’embody’ them, they just don’t show up in our classrooms.

There are few, if any, more visible professions than teaching. Nor ones that have to deal on such a daily basis with the damaging impact of pressure and stress on our bodies, mind and spirit.

In this context, embodied practices are vital to sustain and deepen our capacity for inspiration, compassion and empowerment.

Secondly, to steer our way through the many competing demands and pressures inside the classroom, in the corridors and the wider environment, requires great discernment, patience and vision. In other words, practical, grounded wisdom.

Today, many teachers struggle to integrate head and heart, as challenging circumstances and the latest diktat from some distant authority fracture their experience and diminish their expertise. As the wholeness and complexity of teaching is reduced to ‘delivering a standardised curriculum’, it can be easier to close down a little, to put some distance in. Yet without the involvement of the heart (and the deeper resources of our core) as well as the mind, real inspiration, rich satisfying connection and wholeness are unimaginable.

At the Centre for Embodied Wisdom we believe in paying conscious attention to cultivating all these elements: – wisdom and embodiment; head, heart and core. While the latest theories, techniques, tips and tricks may offer temporary help, none can replace this necessary life long pathway to deepening the impact of our teaching and renewing our commitment to inspire the greatness and wholeness in others that the world needs.

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