Professional Embodiment Mentoring

We offer ongoing mentoring for embodiment professionals with their clients.

Is professional embodiment mentoring a fit for you?
Professional embodiment mentoring is designed for you if you have already trained in some form(s) of embodiment and work with clients, e.g.

(New to embodiment? If you are relatively new to embodiment and want to get certified to use it more in your work, drop us a note and we’ll think along what might be the best path for you to pursue.)

What does professional mentoring look like?
Usually the mentoring will be a fixed amount of sessions, in person or online, in which you work with John, James or Anouk to reach the goals you have set together in the initial conversation. We are always open to have a first exploring conversation, no strings attached.

Mentoring can also be a single session, or an ongoing monthly engagement, or something in between.

What is the purpose of the mentoring?
Usually the purpose of your mentoring will be to continue to hone your skills in facilitating embodiment in your own coaching and training sessions with clients. It can focus on refreshing particular exercises, learning new exercises or deepening your presence, in situations that trigger you.

Here are some specific possibilities of types of professional embodiment mentoring:

We aim to offer our professional embodiment mentoring at colleague-friendly rates. Get in touch.

Interested to explore or get started?

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