Business Leaders who Embody Wisdom make Bigger Contributions.

You may ask:

Well, you might be missing out on 75% of your professional leadership potential.

Our human drive.

There’s a drive within every human being to keep developing, to bring our whole self authentically into the world and make a contribution. Many of us are more than ready for the next level of that.

For many leaders in business more ‘skill development’ is just not cutting it anymore. It’s got you so far, but now progress has slowed down.

If you have an already well developed set of management skills, and aspire to be all you can be in service of making a positive contribution, it might be time to go to another level, to include one or even two further dimensions of reality.

These two extra dimensions are full of real and powerful resources and amount to what we call the 3-D developmental strategy.

What are the three dimensions?

Together with the Skills Development we are mostly familiar with, they are…

Here’s more.

Hone up:- Skill development leads to effective leadership.

Skill dimension: A competence based approach is great at bringing an expert to the level of an inspiring manager. It covers what knowledge, skills and attitudes are present and needed for this person to grow further into being a good manager in their organizational niche?

In this dimension you keep expanding your skills; excel further in your talents and polish up the weaker points.

But let’s look at the less familiar contributions the two other dimensions can make:

Perk up:- State development leads to consciously embodying qualities of leadership.

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State dimension: Your “vibe” or state of being has a big impact on your surroundings and effectiveness.

Yet under pressure leading effectively, with only skill development, our noble intentions often fail. Understanding and training our ability to influence our own state becomes vital.

This includes growing our ability to bring forth a leadership presence of inclusiveness, confidence, and clarity, including while under duress; Recovering out of a triggering situation; Re-centering ourself into being calm and assertive again.

That is what Leadership Embodiment is all about.

In this dimension you work actively on your inner state management. Grow your ability to bring forth a leadership presence of inclusiveness, confidence, and clarity. Re-center under pressure. Be directive without aggression. Listen without taking it personally, especially when challenged. Be calm and assertive, and tolerant of temporary discomfort.

Grow up:- Stage development leads to wise leadership.

Stage dimension: The next level of leadership development enacts even more of our human potential. (We can provide you with scientific literature about this.)

Human adult development turns out to move through distinct levels, with the next level transcending and including the previous. Metaphor: A child that has learned to walk can still crawl (include) but will prefer walking (transcend) as it is faster, more efficient and more grown up.

Perhaps now, instead of being “merely” an effective leader, we aspire to be a wise leader. Perhaps we take an honest look at our behaviour, and find we often fall far from our ideal image of an inspiring leader. From being ‘effective’ to being ‘wise’ is a huge journey.

In this dimension you grow into your next stage of development. This growth can sometimes be driven by a crisis, like a (near) burn-out or bore-out. Or motivated by a much greater vision of what your life and contribution might be. It is a transformative experience that cannot be forced, but it can be facilitated.

Join us to journey to your next level of leadership development?

Deploy our 3-D leadership strategy: Hone up, Grow up and Perk up!


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