At the Centre, we believe that everyone operates a little bit better when they can bring head, heart, and commitment to their actions. However, that’s not always as easy to do as it is to write!

We support companies, organisations, and individuals to make the most of their most invaluable and unique gift: the whole person – creative-thinking, compassionate, courageous in equal measure.

We strongly believe that embodiment has a vital role to play in helping all of us to work together more skilfully and effectively. And, at the Centre, we have particular areas of interest in which we spend more time than others: education, parenting, and business. As our work grows, we’re also offering our attention to others joining the embodied movement – through CPD workshops, mentoring, and organising courses.

Whether your interest is personal, parental, or job-related, we have something to offer you. And if your query doesn’t quite fit into these particular boxes, we are likely able to support you in other ways – just get in touch.

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