We offer occasional resources from time to time, in order to help you on your embodied way.

Wendy Palmer’s Leadership Embodiment presentation to Dermalogica


Click the picture above to watch Wendy Palmer’s talk (34 minutes) in Las Vegas for the Dermalogica community. Wendy Palmer is the founder of Leadership Embodiment and she explains the principles with clarity, grace and humor for this audience of 2000 people.

3-D Leadership Development

Anouk’s article for Integral Leadership Review.

Anouk’s presentation.

Webinar: How to establish an ongoing Leadership Embodiment practice?

On 15th October 2013 James Knight and Anouk Brack hosted a webinar exploring the unique benefits of joining a Leadership Embodiment Intermediate (LEI / level 2) training. The webinar included an overview of the Leadership Embodiment (LE) principles and framework, a guided embodiment exercise, valuable tips on successfully embedding LE into your life. Listen to it here.

Using your intuitive intelligence

Experience clarity easily with the 5-step process of Intuitive Intelligence.

Centring audio

This audio emerged from a Skype conference we were holding. We couldn’t settle into the meeting until James brought us together.

Centring audio

This audio captures a more deliberate centring by Anouk, preparing us for a busy Skype conference call.

Centring audio

At the start of the year, we were discussing all the expansive possibilities that the year offered, and the tiniest of next steps that we needed to take. This centering attempted to bring some of that macro-/micro- tension into our bodies where they could mingle successfully.

Articles by John Tuite.

Touch as Nutrition. On Huffington Post.

“Touch could properly be regarded as a form of nutrition…”

On the kindness of things. On Huffington Post.

“…This is a form of basic goodness in the world. An inexhaustible generosity that exists everywhere, dependent only on our skill with awareness, awaiting our arrival in the place we already live in.”

Aayah: Power and Kindness.

“…If children rarely see good, kind adults comfortable with or enjoying their own power and aliveness, should we be surprised that we grow adults who often display a lack of confidence or skill in its use? And that then we have so many examples of power being badly contained and toxic? Or over-contained and ineffective?..”

Getting Back to the Body: Leadership Lessons on Power from the Martial Arts and Somatic Tradition.

“Some twenty plus years ago when I began training as a secondary school teacher, I had a few run-ins with a difficult class or two…”