10 reasons why you should not get more embodied!

By Anouk Brack


Growing to the light,

by rooting in the mud

sure is messy business!

I would like to share with you 10 reasons why it is not necessarily advisable to strive to become a more embodied human being. Having been on this path for a couple years now (it was 17 years ago I found out I had a body and I am 37 as I write this) I might have something useful to offer.

I’ll let you be the judge of that. Here we go:

  1. Being in the now is not as peaceful as they led you to believe. There’s a good reason we drink alcohol, watch TV and spend time worrying about the future and past.

  2. There’s all kinds of discomfort in the body, like tensions and aches. They were there all along. Suddenly you become aware of them, and possibly annoyed by them. You suffer.

  3. You will become more aware of your inevitable mortality and the fact that you WILL loose it all. This sucks.
  4. You will come across all kinds of supressed unfulfilled longings and needs; emotionally, physically, even sexually. Now what?

  5. The strangest resistances will come up, quite effectively preventing you to fulfill your (now conscious) deep hunger for intimacy with self, other and the divine.

  6. You might find yourself in a weird, intense, energy releasing attack” that makes you tremble, shake and wonder if you have gone crazy or have possibly been possessed by evil spirits. The books on transformation usually don’t mention this part. (Transformed people are like smokers, they try to get you to join the club so they are less alone)

  7. You could very well experience some odd and very life-like flashes of “memories” from seemingly other times and places. They often contain violence, cruelty or intense ritual initiations.
  8. You might experience a spiritual opening, for instance a sudden experience of oneness with all that is, realizing that “all is one”. Sounds nice, but make no mistake! It is followed by being bugged by moral dilemma’s like
    1. “What’s my responsibility in the global wealth distribution?”,
    2. “…And what do we do to better the earth’s environmental issues?”, and
    3. “Do I want to continue eating animals and why (not)?”.
  9. You will become more present and visible to others. And with that you will become a great projection screen for other people. Enabling them to conveniently outsource their unconscious and supressed qualities and weaknesses to you; This leads to
    – either putting you on a pedestal; that you can fall off pretty hard if you turn out to be human after all;
    – or looking down on you and judging you for being too … [fill in: arrogant, bossy, spiritual, woo-woo, ego-centric, humble, childish, perfect, thin, fat, organized, chaotic, …].
  10. Once you have had a taste of embodiment, there’s no return to comfortably being a “head-on-a-stick”. If you try to ignore the bodily recognition of what being more alive feels like, you will slowly but steadily dry out your soul. Slowly you become more and more depressed, deflated or rigid in your outer appearance and behaviour.  Might as well continue on the path…?

In conclusion, once you take your first steps on the path of conscious embodiment you are basically doomed…!

By your very way of being more present, you may automatically become an example for other people. Often they are deeply longing to come more alive AND scared-to-death of it. Just like you.

You discover you now have a moral, spiritual and humanitarian responsibility to embody your humanity the best you can. You are lighting the way for other brave souls stepping onto the path towards “enlightenment through embodiment”.

I hope for your sake (and the sake of your followers) that by now you will have adopted a spiritual practice, joined a wise embodied teacher in a lineage, or at least have found(ed) a community of like-minded human beings. For this will help you come to terms with life’s paradoxes (like the simultaneous emptiness AND fullness of everything, just to name one). It will especially be helpful in managing your own ego that might otherwise believe it is more awesome than mine ;-).

Or before you know it you will find yourself knowing instead of exploring, solidifying instead of expanding and dying instead of living.

Going the embodiment path is about:

Growing to the light, by rooting in the mud.