Leadership Embodiment

The best gift you can give someone is to get yourself together ~ Wendy Palmer, founder

Leadership Embodiment gives you the skills to be:-

It is said that 70% of communication is non-verbal.

Leadership Embodiment targets the 70% by working through the body to create alignment and congruence between our mental, emotional, and physical resources.

It builds our capacity for presence, confidence, aliveness and connection. By shifting our posture, breathing, and energy in the body, we change how we think and speak.

Tools and practices for thriving under pressure.

Leadership Embodiment offers tools and practices to improve how we perform when we are under pressure and stress. In these situations the body’s reactions usually win! They strongly shape and limit our capacity to lead and hold to our vision or values. Instead, stress activates our survival behaviour:- short term thinking, narrow focus, and defensiveness.

The simulator

wendy and johnLeadership Embodiment uniquely creates a simulator using safe and mild physical pressure to help us recognise the beginnings of stress patterns and then train the body to be centered while under stress. This enables us to recover and respond more skillfully, access our creativity, confidence and presence when we encounter stress in our daily lives.


Leadership Embodiment is delivered through workshops, one-to-one  or group coaching.

In these you will learn to unify your body’s message with what is being said,  enhancing satisfaction in your life and your capacity for effective leadership. Through simple physical forms, Leadership Embodiment offers you:

What makes our programme different?

Anouk advocating

Leadership Embodiment gives you simple, powerful ways to practice while you are working. We do more than tell you about the process, we create a simulator so that you learn to recognize your own stress patterns and then apply techniques that allow you to deal with stress more gracefully and effectively.

When leaders use LE principles they accelerate their potential to align conceptual, emotional and physical aspects of leadership excellence.

Workshops and events.

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