Leadership Embodiment Retreats

At retreats, the LE community comes together for more intensive practice of the LE work. It’s a deeper dive that involves extended 30 minute sitting meditation and longer periods of practicing LE exercises, deepening our practice and our understanding of our own patterns. Participants are required to have completed an Intermediate (Level 2) course before joining a retreat.

Places are limited, so if you are interested please book soon.

Temple Samye Ling

Wendy Palmer
2nd – 5th July 2019
Samye Ling, Scotland

Reflections on previous retreats

Samye Ling 2  “I found the retreat extremely powerful and enlightening… such a beautiful and rich setting was very meaningful; …it reinforced the philosophy of the LE approach and the way it is such a “being” way of working with others through working with oneself.” Isabelle.

“The week was – awesome shiny and noble – I really got the true power of Wendy’s work and its connection to powerful spiritual traditions. My most powerful experience in the week was having a sense of myself as space and relating my space inside to the space outside and the most fun thing was blowing on my fingers and feeling my arm inflate like a balloon. LE has now become an integral part of the way I live my life rather than yet another thing I do. Most importantly it reconnected me to something I care deeply about and has given me the strength to follow that – for that I am deeply grateful.” Leanne.

Samye Ling

We were blessed – it didn’t rain! I felt gratitude to all those who made the journey and great delight as they quickly came to appreciate Samye Ling, and its profound energy. In terms of my learning, I was able to deepen my understanding of how I resist support, and begin to experience how I might be more open to receiving it. A giggle arises as I recall hitching up my trousers to mimic John at the beginning of ‘connect and release’. In a moment of difficulty I found I had more resources than I thought…I bow to Wendy and the depth of her practice…and I look forward to sharing the experience of Samye Ling with others next year!” Amanda.

Samye Ling 3A highly memorable, deeply enriching experience – the exercises and teachings from Wendy; a supportive group of individuals with varied backgrounds and open minds; and the beautiful, restorative environment. I had several ‘aha!’ moments when practices shone fresh light on issues I previously struggled with. The concept of ‘resources in the space’ – in connection with nature and the environment – is both reassuring and empowering …Finally, the closing bokken ritual with Wendy was one of the most powerful, moving activities I have ever experienced. I have drawn on the memory of that experience several times since I returned home and am sure it will stay with me, and inspire me, in the future.” Sandra

One sentence from Wendy at the start of the retreat set me up with new directions for the next few years of practice! LE connects with such an ancient tradition and here you feel it. Go in the temple in the evening and be roused by the throb of energy! And the land itself. Sit on rocks by rapids and let sound and light wash through the spaces in your mind and body. It’s Wendy…teaching in a Tibetan temple… in Scotland… With a cake shop! What more could you want?!”  John Tuite.