Leadership Embodiment Fundamentals

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Leadership is how you show up

How do you show up at home, in the workplace, to yourself, to others?

In these sessions we will ask how do we allow pressure from others to shape our responses, where do we find stability amid constant change, and how do we communicate when we are not actually speaking. How do we align our words with our presence, and our presence with our purpose?

wendy and me

This course will allow you to become familiar with your signature response to pressure, and offer you powerful tools to shift to a more creative, skillful and compassionate state. It will give you practices to engage with clarity, creativity and compassion even when you are experiencing conflict and opposition.

This training creates an embodied experience – stretching and challenging you to explore the mind-body connection and how it impacts on the way you communicate, collaborate, and pursue your goals. The tools and practices have their roots in the traditions of mindfulness and martial arts. They give immediate physical feedback, powerfully showing up habitual reactive patterns of behaviour. Through physical experience you will discover how you can be more creative, more powerful, and more fully embodied as leaders in your own lives.

We will be exploring themes such as remaining functional under pressure, becoming comfortable with conflict, and remaining responsive to demands without getting bowed down by them.



View upcoming Fundamentals courses