On the edge of awareness

Bluebells in a wood

Bluebells galore!

The bluebells were glorious in the nearby woods recently. There’s an opened patch where the trees are thinner and a multitude of them blaze for a short few weeks in every direction.

On one of my visits I saw a dog sniffing its way through leafy debris. I thought, how sad that the dog will not appreciate the visual beauty of this ocean of bluebells covering the forest floor.

Then I remembered.

Some bland mornings this dog will leave the house and sniff the wind outside the front door and his body will shudder with a thrill of raucous scents I cannot even imagine.

This realisation gave me pause. I looked again at the rooting dog and sniffed the damp air a bit myself, aware that for every smell I clocked, on the outside edge of my awareness a huge accumulation of possible experiences simply passed me by. I was grateful though for the reminder to smell.

And for the reminder that each of us has only a portion of our beautiful and shared universe. In recognising this, our own partiality, we recognise also each other’s legitimacy and contribution. We must walk the world together. Only together can we glimpse its possibilities and fullness