A time of differentiation

This is the second attempt at writing an editorial for this newsletter. I was satisfied with the first. It sat on the computer for a couple of days while a… Read More

Love and hate form the landscape

It’s been a grim week from many perspectives. Just over a week ago 49 LGBTQ people were killed in an Orlando night club. A mere few days ago Jo Cox,… Read More

Growing Our Humanity

I have been reading a beautiful book about writing [1]. It says: Everything is permitted. Any thought that arises is permitted on the page. We are allowed to… Read More

Time in community

Main Shrine at Samye Ling monasteryIn our new year newsletter, we wished you sustenance to match the intensity of the challenges you face. We hoped that the support of… Read More

The Added Value of Embodied Leadership

There is a growing evidence-base for embodied training. Let’s now take a look at research investigating the biological basis of effective leadership. Combining power and connection optimizes leadership performance Power… Read More

Happy New Year!

It’s a New Year! And we at the Centre very much wish that 2016 will turn out to be good to you, your loved ones, and all living beings. Read More


Human suffering tends to gather. Just as it gathers in certain parts of the body, perhaps this muscular system or that organ, it tends to gather in certain portions… Read More

The practice of practice

Succeed with a new habit by making failure part of the process We’ve all been there: You want to make a change in your habits, you reach a decision,… Read More

On the edge of awareness

Bluebells galore! The bluebells were glorious in the nearby woods recently. There’s an opened patch where the trees are thinner and a multitude of them blaze for a short… Read More

The sap is rising

Samye Ling monastery in EskdalemuirI love Spring – the peace of winter shattered daily by dozens of small birds piping their concerto. There is still snow up on the… Read More