Alert to all our opportunities and dangers in the 21st Century, the Centre for Embodied Wisdom (CEW) is dedicated to gathering and sharing practices, disciplines and experiences that build our human capacity for extraordinary presence, purpose, aliveness and connection.

The Centre’s Mission

The CEW will cultivate …

The CEW will initiate and support the personal journey of inner mastery and the building of organisations and communities that encourage and sustain these aims through courses, programmes of individual and team development, and the sharing of knowledge.

Building Leadership in the 21st century

The-EarthWhether we are leading ourselves or others, through crucial, creative conversations and embodied practices, the CEW will develop leaders …

The CEW believes that the achievement of a healthy, less fragmented and sustainable society is inseparable from the development of leaders committed to their own wholeness, connection and  evolution, and the deepening of their impact. This is now urgently needed as we enter further into the 21st Century.

Crucial Conversations & Dialogue

The CEW believes that individuals, organisations and communities thirst for deep, generative conversations that sustain and heal, that inspire and renew, and that such conversation is necessary if we are to heal ourselves, the fractures in our society and our wounded relationship with our planet.

The CEW seeks to support and develop the fundamental elements of conversation and dialogue – speaking what is true for us, truly enquiring into and deeply listening to others, and the art of creating spaces that invite such deep conversation.

We also believe that conflict and difference skilfully handled can establish firmer understanding, wider vision and more grounded trust, thereby opening the way to greater reconciliation, creativity and renewal. The CEW itself will seek to create over time, and then encourage, a diversity of voices and approaches to embodied wisdom.

Practical Wisdom & Embodied Development

The world now urgently needs us to act. It is no longer sufficient to simply know or understand. We are all called to become agents of wise and appropriate change. But what we do in the world, we do as bodies. Through action, voice, presence and connection we shape ourselves and our futures. Our bodies are where our qualities, our intention and commitment make contact with the world.

The CEW believes that training and development is accelerated when we  acknowledge and work with the living wholeness of our self, and that this wholeness is most readily grounded and available for growth in the body. Learning that happens in the body impacts throughout the whole person. This understanding also leads to the fundamental importance of the idea of practice for the CEW. It is through practice that new capacities are embedded and old habits discarded. Practices and tools that recognise and work through the body create tangible, grounded and lasting growth.

Many of these perspectives, practices and tools offered by the CEW are rooted in embodied arts, sciences, and wisdom traditions that are both ancient and modern, as well as geographically diverse.  The CEW seeks to honour and cultivate all these foundation embodied arts and sciences both for their own sake and in their own terms, as pathways to growth and wisdom, and for their contribution to other fields of human endeavour and potential.

Social Justice & Engagement

While active participation is part of our contribution, the CEW’s main role is to work with those engaged in the work for social justice and a sustainable future, building their resilience and leadership capacity, sustaining their energy, and deepening their vision and impact. Such vital work is too often under-supported, while being demanding, long-term and frequently accompanied by both great inspiration and great sacrifice.