Growing Our Humanity

As the world continues to face increasingly difficult challenges, and as opinions seem to polarise, we all have a part to play in finding our collective way.

But it’s hard to hear quiet signals amid all the noise and distraction; to stumble, and pull ourselves together again; to listen receptively to strident voices with clashing opinions.

All this is hard. Too hard, perhaps. Let it be someone else’s problem. But whose? Politicians, captains of industry, spiritual leaders?

There is no doubt that the systems that structure our lives need to change. At the Centre for Embodied Wisdom, we believe that change starts with us.

We invite you to join us in the movement to grow our humanity. In the first instance, we will give you tools for dealing with pressure, for listening to conflicting opinions, and for making your authentic voice heard. Along the way, you’ll learn to hear your own signals amid your own noise, to tap into resources you might not be aware of, and to take first steps even if you don’t know where your feet are going to land.

First step: Get FREE Centering Programme

Join our free Centering Programme. It distils many decades of experience in embodying wisdom into a short and powerful practice. In a series of 9 emails, we will introduce you to Centering – a process that allows you to be the way you want to be, even under pressure. Want to deal with difficult others? Center yourself. Want to get things done efficiently? Center yourself. Want to create space for yourself, even on the most hectic day? Center yourself!

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